Staiths South Bank: Winner at 2017 RICS Awards NE

We are delighted that Staiths South Bank won the Residential award at the 2017 RICS Awards North East. The development has been completed after a ten year build programme that spanned the wold’s worst economic recession.

Throughout its ten year development programme delivering 635 new homes, it has retained the design values of the original concept. Within this period, it has served as a regional and national design exemplar. Most importantly it continues to delight and captivate its many residents.

The Staiths has become a catalyst for regeneration within Teams and Gateshead as a whole, and the Staiths Café serves as a fab heart of this new, vibrant community.

We would like to particularly thank the community for all their assistance and input during the development. Most importantly we would like to pay tribute to the phenomenal community spirit which exists within the development and the exceptionally warm welcome they have always extended to us.

27 April 2017