Mandale Park

Location: Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees
Client: Stockton Borough Council
Status: Completed 2014

Project Description:
The Mandale area of Stockton suffered from an outward migration of residents, which was highlighted within Amnions Demand study report. In order to create a successful regeneration of the area IDPartnership were appointed as the masterplanners for the area. The consortium recognised that a range of housing types and tenures were critical to the success of the regeneration. Therefore a broad range property sizes and types, from 2 bedroom starter homes to 4 bedroom family homes were provided. This range not only includes houses but also apartments and bungalows. This ensured that there were homes to meet a whole spectrum of purchasers and needs.

As well as increasing the desirability of the estate as a place to live and attracting people back to Mandale, it was important to ensure homes were provided for the existing residents who wish to stay on the estate. The consortium worked in close partnership with Nomad Housing Association and Stockton Borough Council to ensure that new homes provided meet the needs of the existing residents. This was an important balance to find. The consortium was committed to working with all the key partners to ensure that the required properties were provided as an integral part of the overall delivery of the scheme.