Westoe Crown Village

Location: South Shields, South Tyneside
Client: Taylor Wimpey
Status: Completed 2014

Project Description:
Westoe Colliery is situated on a prominence overlooking the sea at South Shields. Similar to Vane Tempest, which is some 12 miles down the coast, Westoe Colliery was a predominantly under-sea colliery, stretching at one point some 12 miles out into the North Sea. After remediation and reclamation the site was offered as a Millennium Village and Wimpey won the design competition for redevelopment of the site.

The design team have worked in close co-ordination with the Prince of Wales’ Trust which was appointed as advisers to South Tyneside Council. The Prince’s Trust have lead the development team into an ‘historically referenced’ direction. A visual survey of the area, together with several workshops on appropriate local detailing and local materials, has resulted in an architecture which compliments its immediate context and relates strongly to the architectural form and articulation of the area.