Stadium Village

Location: Monkwearmouth, Sunderland
Client: Sunderland City Council
Status: Ongoing

Project Description:
The Stadium Village Masterplan was prepared on behalf of Sunderland City Council and provides guidance for developers and landowners in the area as new development and regeneration of Sheepfolds and the wider stadium village moves forward over the next twenty years or more.

With the opening of the Hilton Garden Hotel and the forthcoming Beacon Light alongside existing facilities including the Aquatic Centre centred around the Stadium of Light the realisation of a Sport’s Village quarter is fast becoming reality. This provides the springboard for the regeneration of other land to the south of the Stadium of Light. Encouraging developer interest and maximising the potential for the Sheepfolds area will ensure the refreshed Stadium Village Development Masterplan continues to guide and encourage new high quality development.

The masterplan sets out an exciting vision which will ensure Stadium Village becomes a regional and national destination, a key contributor to the economy of Sunderland and the wider region. The aims is to combine a range of high quality sports and leisure facilities with a unique residential neighbourhood set within an attractive riverside setting with a strong public realm which provides high quality pedestrian and cycle linkages to the riverside. The masterplan shows how new housing can come forward alongside in the Sheepfolds area.